The Centre for Career Planning and Development (CCPD) at Chandigarh School of Business (CSB), Jhanjeri, NAAC A+ accredited Institute, is a turning point for students seeking successful careers. This dedicated team acts as a bridge between academics and the professional world, ensuring a smooth transition for graduates.

CCPD empowers students through targeted skill development programs, industry interaction with renowned professionals, and personality grooming workshops. Mock interviews and group discussions further hone their communication and teamwork abilities, building well-rounded professionals ready to impress potential employers. By equipping students with the right tools and confidence, the CCPD paves the way for success in the competitive corporate world.


Corporate Affairs

Corporate Affairs Team at CSB Jhanjeri plays a critical role in connecting students with their dream careers. They go beyond just placements, functioning as a one-stop shop for career development. The team works tirelessly to ensure every student is equipped with the skills and experience desired by top employers.

Their efforts focus on three main areas: placements, internships, and industrial training. For placements, they act as a bridge between students and prestigious Fortune 500 companies. Big names like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Goldman Sachs are frequent visitors to the CSB Jhanjeri campus for placement drives, thanks to the team's initiative.

Advanced Technical Training

CSB Jhanjeri recognizes that the traditional university curriculum might not fully prepare students for the cutting-edge demands of Fortune 500 companies. To bridge this gap, the Centre for Career Planning and Development (CCPD) offers Advanced Technical Training programs. These programs equip students with the latest industry-relevant skills that are often missing from standard coursework.

The focus of these Advanced Technical Training programs is on practicality. Students delve into in-demand fields like Blockchain Technologies, AWS Services, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Automation. The curriculum goes beyond theoretical knowledge, providing hands-on training to solidify understanding and develop practical skills.

Aptitude Training

Aptitude is a valuable asset across various fields, including engineering, management, and even paramedical professions. It's often seen as an indicator of future success in these areas. CSB Jhanjeri recognizes the importance of aptitude in achieving successful placements for its students.

By mastering these skills, CSB Jhanjeri equips its students with the tools they need to not only ace these aptitude tests but also excel in their chosen careers. Their dedicated team focuses on developing students' numerical abilities and problem-solving skills. This focus aligns perfectly with the current trend of aptitude tests being a common part of company placement exams.

Soft Skills Training

CSB Jhanjeri's Centre for Career Planning and Development (CCPD) understands the significance of soft skills in today's job market. Their Soft Skills Training program tackles various aspects crucial for career success. The program emphasizes effective communication & focuses on personality development, helping students refine their overall presentation and mannerisms.

The program incorporates mock Group Discussions (GDs) and Personal Interviews (PIs). These simulations provide valuable practice in teamwork, critical thinking, and responding effectively under pressure.