About NSS @ CSB Jhanjeri at CSB Jhanjeri

With a view to inculcating amongst its students the spirit of contributing something useful & beneficial towards the welfare of society, Chandigarh School of Business Colleges, Jhanjeri, is running a full-fledged unit of NSS duly approved by Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar.

The students of this unit take a keen interest in arranging various activities like Adult education, Tree Plantation, Drug de-addiction Program, anti-dowry, and women's Empowerment. Seminars, Blood Donation Camps, Propagating preventive measures against AIDS, Swine Flu, Malaria, Polio, and other problems from time to time, creating public awareness regarding Swachchh Bharat Abhiyan, Saving Fuel, and avoiding the wastage of water.


NSS Cadets of CSBTC JHANJERI participated in ANTI POLLUTION rally where they gave instruction to the locals to make our area pollution-free.

NSS CADETS also go to the Market of Mohali to aware people about plastic pollution and guide them not to use the plastic.

During the Guru Parv, the NSS cadets visit the Gurudwaras for the help.

NSS cadets visit the OLD AGE HOME to donate the blankets to the physically and mentally challenged people

Navy wing cadets also participated in Anti-corruption rally organized in the markets of Mohali.

NSS cadets also participated in the Tree Plantation movement where they plant the trees inside the college campus.

NSS cadets also participated in Swatch Bharat movement where they take an oath that they will keep there surrounding neat and clean.

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