Women Development Cell

At CSB Jhanjeri College, the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff are paramount. The campus has implemented a 24x7 women's helpline number and security system to ensure the safety of all students, female faculty, and non-teaching staff. This helpline stands ready to provide immediate assistance and support to any female student or faculty member facing distressing situations.

Alongside this, our security system incorporates CCTV surveillance, highly trained personnel, and efficient emergency response protocols, all aimed at promptly addressing safety concerns. Through these initiatives, we strive to cultivate a safe and inclusive space where everyone can pursue their academic and professional goals without fear or hesitation. Your safety is our top priority at CSB Jhanjeri College.


Sr. No. Name of the member Position
1. Dr. Neha Singh Coordinator
2. Ms. Gurmandeep Kaur Member
3. Dr. Simanpreet Kaur Member
4. Dr. Monika Rana Member
5. Dr. Aarti Rani Member
6. Dr. Rajinder Kaur Member
6. Dr. Neha Baryah Member
7. Mr. Sanjay Sharma Member

women Helpline number

Establishment of 24x7 women helpline number and security system in the campus for providing safety to the students
and female faculty and non teaching faculty.

Sr. No. Name Designation Contact No.
1. Rinni Saxena Member 9465702074