Industry Academia Interface

Industry-academia interface at CSB Jhanjeri is a dynamic collaboration that bridges the gap between academic knowledge and real-world industry practices. Through strategic partnerships with leading companies, students are provided with invaluable opportunities for hands-on experience, internships, and industry projects. This interface fosters a symbiotic relationship, where industry professionals contribute their expertise through guest lectures, workshops, and mentorship programs, while students gain practical insights and skills that enhance their employability. Additionally, the institute leverages these partnerships to align its curriculum with current industry trends and demands, ensuring graduates are well-prepared to excel in their chosen fields.

Entrepreneur Development Cell

Entrepreneur Development Cell (EDC) at CSB Jhanjeri serves as a catalyst for fostering entrepreneurial spirit and nurturing innovative ideas among students. Through a range of initiatives, workshops, and mentorship programs, the cell empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to transform their visions into successful ventures.

Management Development Projects

Management Development Projects (MDPs) at CSB Jhanjeri are strategic initiatives designed to provide students with hands-on experience in real-world business scenarios. These projects enable students to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and leadership abilities.

Training Sessions

Training sessions at CSB Jhanjeri cover a wide range of topics, including technical competencies, soft skills development, industry trends, and career readiness. Led by experienced faculty members, industry experts, and guest speakers, the training sessions incorporate interactive learning methodologies, case studies, workshops, and hands-on activities to engage students actively.

Latest Industrial Visits

Students from CSB Jhanjeri embarked on enlightening industrial visits, gaining firsthand insights into modern workplace practices and technologies.

Prism RMC

The objective of an industrial visit is to provide students with an insight into the practical world of “Education – Exposure – Experience.”

Parmeshwari Silk

Students were made aware of the various activities related to spinning, weaving & finishing of textiles.

Solitaire Infosys

Students gained practical insights into classroom studies during the company visit, acquiring highly beneficial information.


During the visit, students got an insight of Cyber Security and Forensics in their future prospects.


During the visit, students were facilitated with industrial knowledge & visited various layouts of the plant.

S.S. Food Industry

The visit provided them with a deeper understanding of the food industry and its impact on our daily lives.