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List of Patents

Title of Patent Name of the Innovator Patent Number Status
Vehicle Monitoring System Dheeraj Singh,Dr. Raman Chadha,Anurag Yadav,Abhis 202011000875 VIEW
Emergency Vehicle Evacuation System And Method Ayan Dhiman, Dr. Raman Chadha 202011011112 VIEW
Firefighting System Avist Anand , Chhabil kumar Sharma 202011011118 VIEW
Patient Transportation Apparatus Syed Junaid Qadri 202011011113 VIEW
Product Order And Data Management System Anil Khajuria, Nitin Baru,Shiwali Sharma 202011011115 VIEW
Employee Information Management System And Method Hardik,Sahil Mathew,Vishal Yadav,SIMRAN PREET KAUR 202011011111 VIEW
Interactive Two-Way Secured Communication System Rishani kailantu, Sagar Bathla 202011011116 VIEW
System For Delivering Sport Related Services Saurabh Kumar Saini,Somil Bhatia,Lakshit Bahl 202011011120 VIEW
Bilingual Handwritten Digit Recognition System Seema, Pooja 202011011119 VIEW
Smart Library Management System And Method shivam, simranjeet singh,vikas kumar 202011011117 VIEW
Intelligent Tourism Management System Vardan, Ms. Raman 202011011114 VIEW
Method For Delivering Training And Placement Services Sakhshi Mattoo 202011011110 VIEW
Drainage Cleaning Device Harshdeep kaur, Rishav kundan, Mohit baboria 202011011109 VIEW
Block-Chain Based Electronic Voting System VINEET PRATAP SINGH, PRANAV BHATIA, Aditya Narayan 202011011103 VIEW
Criminal Database Management System Paramvir Shekhawat 202011011108 VIEW
Anti-Theft System For Automated Teller Machine Aditya Jamwal 202011011101 VIEW
Pulmonary Infection Detection System Amit Kumar,GURJANT SINGH 202011011104 VIEW
Smart Ticket Reservation System Atul dhar dubey 202011011105 VIEW
Multi-Lingual Text Extraction System Gangandeep Singh (1629682) 202011011102 VIEW
Solar Powered Lawn Mower Device Divyansh Singh Guleri,Shiv Shankar Pandey,Varinder 202011011107 VIEW
Self-Balancing Vehicle Sayantan,Suraj Gupta ,Baljit Singh ,Yogesh Goutam, 202011011106 VIEW
Container Packaging Apparatus Dr. Ashwani K. Sharma 202011011183 VIEW
Self Sharpening Cutting Apparatus Dr. Kiran Uttreja 202011011185 VIEW
Fruit And Vegetable Protection Device Ashish Kumar 202011011179 VIEW
Oral Care Apparatus Suman Saini 202011011180 VIEW
Bow String Release Apparatus Narinder Kaur 202011011170 VIEW
Automatic Golf Stick Recommendation System Ms. Krishna 202011011181 VIEW
Nanolithography Method Dr. Kiran Uttreja 202011011186 VIEW
Anti Slurping Apparatus Dr. Kiran Uttreja 202011011182 VIEW
Bottle Stopper Dr. Rajeev Kumar 202011011187 VIEW
Automated Seat Belt Fastening Device Dr. Sarabpreet Kaur 202011011178 VIEW
Heat Dissipating Device Dr. Rajeev Kumar 202011011099 VIEW
Container Opening Apparatus Dr. Shalom Akhai 202011011092 VIEW
Mobile Stair Device Mr. Amit Sindher 202011011098 VIEW
Hair Trimming Device Ms. Sonia Bhukhra 202011011175 VIEW
Strap Concealing Apparatus Dr. Sarabjit Singh 202011011169 VIEW
Ampoule Opening Device Mr. Virat Saroop 202011011176 VIEW
Cleaning Device Mr. Girish Chandra Mishra 202011011168 VIEW
Convertible Desk Device Mr. Paramveer Singh 202011011172 VIEW
System For Retractable Rooftop Bed In Vehicles Ms. Sonia Bhukhra 202011011093 VIEW
Drill Guiding And Supporting Device Mr. Virat Saroop 202011011184 VIEW
Nutshell Cracking System Mr. Girish Chandra Mishra 202011011167 VIEW
Portable Cleaning Device Ms. Richa Mehta 202011011096 VIEW
Vehicle Tent Forming Device Ms. Ashish Kumar 202011011095 VIEW
Hygienic Urinal Device Dr. Ashwani K. Sharma 202011011094 VIEW
Adjustable Campfire Grilling Device Rohini Mahajan 202011011097 VIEW
Variable Capacitance Apparatus Mr. Paramveer Singh 202011011091 VIEW
Equipment Carrying And Cleansing Apparatus Mr. Virat Saroop 202011011100 VIEW
Wrapper Sealing Device Ms. Suman Saini 202011011171 VIEW
Tilt Controlling Apparatus Mr. Ajitesh Garg 202011011173 VIEW
Automatic Retractable Writing Device Dr. Rajeev Kumar 202011011174 VIEW
Mixing Bottle Apparatus Ms. Narinder Kaur 202011012531 VIEW
Cap Collector Device Ms. Suman Saini 202011012529 VIEW
Adjustable Brush Cutting Device Dr. Rini Saxena 202011012526 VIEW
Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning Device Dr. Sarabjit Singh 202011012532 VIEW
Energy Harvesting Device Ms. Sonia Bhukhra 202011012527 VIEW
Side Mirror Securing Apparatus Dr. Sarabjit Singh 202011012534 VIEW
Vehcile Side Mirror Retrieving Apparatus Ms. Ashish Kumar 202011012530 VIEW
Portable Exercising Apparatus Dr. Shalom Akhai 202011012528 VIEW
Juice Extracting Apparatus Dr. Shalom Akhai 202011012533 VIEW
Wearable Anti-Drowned Device Dr. Sarabjit Singh 202011012535 VIEW
Fastening Apparatus For Watch Dr. Rini Saxena 202011012518 VIEW
Quality Based Fruit Picking Device Sumanpreet Kaur 202011012523 VIEW
Bicycle Back Rack Apparatus Dr. Ashwani K. Sharma 202011012522 VIEW
Thread Less Nut Bolt Apparatus Mr. Girish Chandra Mishra 202011012515 VIEW
Automatic Curtain Retracting Device Sukhmeet Brar 202011012520 VIEW
Torque Applying Apparatus Dr. Rajeev Kumar 202011012519 VIEW
Threaded Pipe Cleaning Apparatus Mr. Virat Saroop 202011012517 VIEW
Door Operating Device Dr. Sarabjit Singh 202011012524 VIEW
Sugar Level Maintaining Device Dr. Kiran Uttreja 202011012516 VIEW
Adjustable Bottle Cleaning Apparatus Ms. Narinder Kaur 202011012521 VIEW
Corn Threshing Device Dr. Rishav Garg 202011012511 VIEW
Vehicle Covering Apparatus Dr. Rajeev Kumar 202011012513 VIEW
Self-Balancing Seating Device Narinder Kaur 202011012509 VIEW
Chain Sprocket Locking Apparatus Dr. Shalom Akhai 202011012512 VIEW
Multi-Thread Plying System Richa Mehta 202011012506 VIEW
Locking Device For Sliding Door Akansha Thakur 202011012510 VIEW
Multipurpose Load Distributing Apparatus Narinder Kaur 202011012504 VIEW
Fishing Lure Device Dr. Ashwani K. Sharma 202011012507 VIEW
Cassette Storing Apparatus Dr. Rajeev Kumar 202011012505 VIEW
Bushing Installing And Removing Apparatus Dr. Kiran Uttreja 202011012508 VIEW
Pop Up Message Display Apparatus Dr. Rajeev Kumar 202011012491 VIEW
Floor Sweeping Device Hemlata Sharma 202011012487 VIEW
Retractable Covering Device For Appliances Dr. Sajjan Singh 202011012486 VIEW
Temperature Control Body Cover Device Dr. Sarabpreet Kaur 202011012494 VIEW
Rain Protection Device Dr. Sarabpreet Kaur 202011012492 VIEW
Smart Cloth Drying Device Dr. Raman Chaddha 202011012493 VIEW
Vehicle Towing Device Girish Chandra Mishra 202011012490 VIEW
Food Heating Device Malika Arora 202011012488 VIEW
Multi-Functional Reclining Apparatus Hemlata Sharma 202011012489 VIEW
Juice Extracting Apparatus Ajitesh Garg 202011012485 VIEW
Automatic Deodorizing System Sukhmeet Brar 202011012476 VIEW
Apparatus For Tightening/Loosening Lug Nuts Virat Saroop 202011012481 VIEW
Metal Bender Apparatus Virat Saroop 202011012475 VIEW
Screw Fastening Apparatus Dr. Sarabjit Singh 202011012482 VIEW
Retractable Two Wheeler Indicator Apparatus Girish Chandra Mishra 202011012474 VIEW
Holding And Pulling Apparatus Ashish Kumar 202011012483 VIEW
Urinal Impact Absorbing System Paramveer Singh 202011012477 VIEW
Arc Welding Apparatus Dr. Shalom Akhai 202011012478 VIEW
Beverage Cooling Device Dr. Sajjan Singh 202011012479 VIEW
Automatic Walnut Shell Splitting Device Dr. Ashwani K. Sharma 202011012480 VIEW
Shoe Lace Fastening Apparatus Narinder Kaur 202011012473 VIEW
Oral Care Device Krishna 202011012467 VIEW
Drill Bit Holding Apparatus Girish Chandra Mishra 202011012472 VIEW
Adjustable Container Opening Apparatus Sukhmeet Brar 202011012470 VIEW
Wearable Mosquito Repellent Device Suman Saini 202011012469 VIEW
Locking Apparatus For Two Wheeler Vehicle Dr. Sarabjit Singh 202011012464 VIEW
Liquid Dispensing Device Rimanpal Kaur 202011012468 VIEW
Fluent Dispenser Apparatus Dr. Rajeev Kumar 202011012465 VIEW
Automatic Nail Pulling Device Dr. Sarabjit Singh 202011012471 VIEW
Surface Cleaning Device Dr. Rishav Garg 202011012466 VIEW
Abdominal Guarding Apparatus Syed Mohd Arif 202011012463 VIEW
Temperature Maintaining System For Automobiles Girish Chandra Mishra 202011012461 VIEW
Adjustable Finger Protecting Apparatus Dr. Raman Chaddha 202011012459 VIEW
Adjustable Spectacle Temple Apparatus Rimanpal Kaur 202011012455 VIEW
Intelligent Water Flow Control System Dr. Sajjan Singh 202011012458 VIEW
Handheld Hair Drying Device Sonia Bhukhra 202011012462 VIEW
Fruit Slicing And Juicing Apparatus Malika Arora 202011012457 VIEW
Interchangeable Skating Apparatus Ajitesh Garg 202011012456 VIEW
Hand-Held Smoking Apparatus Dr. Rishav Garg 202011012454 VIEW
Toilet Seat Cleaning Device Amit Sindher 202011012460 VIEW
Workpiece Holding Device Dr. Rajeev Kumar 202011012679 VIEW
Ergonomic Backpack Device Hemlata Sharma 202011012681 VIEW
Convertible Cane Apparatus Dr. Kiran Uttreja 202011012678 VIEW
Spillage Prevention Device Virat Saroop 202011012676 VIEW
Fog Collecting System Dr. Shalom Akhai 202011012682 VIEW
Wearable Rescue Device Richa Mehta 202011012683 VIEW
Therepy Based Head Supporting Device Krishna 202011012684 VIEW
Tank Cleaning System Suman Saini 202011012677 VIEW
Cloth Stretching Apparatus Syed Mohd Arif 202011012680 VIEW
Drain Cleaning Device Girish Chandra Mishra 202011012675 VIEW
Gas Leakage Prevention System Ankur Dhawan, Darpan Sethi, Kanishak Budhiraja, Dr 202011012666 VIEW
Fall Protection System Himanshu Kumar, Dr. Raman Chadha 202011012664 VIEW
Prescription Management System And Method Dr. Raman Chadha, Mehak Mittal 202011012672 VIEW
Dust Collecting Device Sonia Bhukhra 202011012668 VIEW
Floor Cleaning Device Malika Arora 202011012665 VIEW
Cosmetic Applicator Device Rimanpal Kaur 202011012667 VIEW
Foot Cleaning Device Dr. Sarabjit Singh 202011012663 VIEW
Door Handle Sanitizing Device Akansha Thakur 202011012669 VIEW
Automated Cleaning Device Dr. Sajjan Singh 202011012671 VIEW
Cable Stripping Apparatus Ashish Kumar 202011012670 VIEW
Retractable Air Conditioner Covering Device Virat Saroop 202011012651 VIEW
Pipe Bending Device Suman Saini 202011012654 VIEW
Ear Protection Apparatus Malika Arora 202011012658 VIEW
Secured Online Banking System Ishfaq Bashir, Kamalpreet Singh, Karanveer Singh, 202011012656 VIEW
Intelligent Intrusion Detection Jatinder Kaur, Manuraj Moudgil, Dr. Anil lamba, Ro 202011012653 VIEW
Multi-Dimensional Facial Landmark Detection System Rose Alex, Rohini Mahajan, Dr. Raman Chadha, Geeta 202011012657 VIEW
Secured Document Management System Anand Arya, Shivangum Choudhary, Riman, Dr. Raman 202011012650 VIEW
Volvariella Volvacea Composition And Method Of Prodution Thereof Dr. Ravi Prakash Mishra, Vibhuti Gupta, Deepali Ba 202011012659 VIEW
Smart Blood Bank Management System Kiran Kaur, Komal,Lachmi Devi, Bicky Kumar, Kamalp 202011012655 VIEW
Intelligent Online Shopping System Abhishek Rangra, Kiran Masalkar 202011012652 VIEW